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If You Haven’t Bought Your Dad A Father’s Day Gift, That’s Perfectly Okay – Expert

If You Haven’t Bought Your Dad A Father’s Day Gift, That’s Perfectly Okay – Expert
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If You Haven’t Bought Your Dad A Father’s Day Gift, That’s Perfectly Okay – Expert

This Sunday we observed Father’s Day.

Like every year, people rushed to buy their dads presents in honor of the day. The sales of cards, presents, and the likes to celebrate father’s day experienced an increase as the day came nearer.

However, performance psychologist Dr. Jonathan Fader thinks people who buy presents for their dads have it wrong. Speaking with Business Insider, Fader – author of the new book, Life as Sport: What Top Athletes Can Teach You about How to Win in Life – spoke about a “revolutionary idea” for this year’s father’s day.

“Don’t get them anything,” Fader said. “Don’t get some random present that you don’t think if they’re going to like.”

Fader said that buying a conventional present might not be the ideal way to make your dad feel special. Instead, what fathers want is “to feel like a dad.” Fader emphasized that validation is the best gift one can give to their father.

“The greatest gift you can give someone is validating them,” Fader said. “They want you to say, ‘This is why I think you’re a great dad.’ To be able to tell your dad, ‘I appreciate that you were there in all my days growing up.’”

One should be able to tell their fathers that, despite the bumps experienced, they have been there through thick and thin. “Give them your love and your validation, and that will be the best present you could ever give,” Fader said.

President Barack Obama celebrated father’s day this year at the Yosemite National Park. “This has to be the perfect way to spend Father’s Day, and Father’s Day weekend,” Obama said. “Just look at this scene. You can’t capture this on an Ipad or a flat screen, or even an oil painting. You have to come in and breathe it in yourself.”

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