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Did Samsung Pay Posers To Attend The Galaxy S6 Launch?

Did Samsung Pay Posers To Attend The Galaxy S6 Launch?
Image from Flickr by Karlis Dambrans


Did Samsung Pay Posers To Attend The Galaxy S6 Launch?

Image from Flickr by Karlis Dambrans

Image from Flickr by Karlis Dambrans

Samsung has reportedly paid people to pose as fans and tell press that they were interested with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge during the launch on April 4. The posers were said to have been paid US$4.80 while the unnamed recruiter earned US$3.20 per poser.

Samsung Hired ‘Fan Boys’

An unnamed recruiter was said to have brought more than 100 people, Want ChinaTimes reported, citing a newspaper report from Shanghai-based news outlet the Paper. According to the recruiter, there are about two or more people in charge of recruiting for the event. All in all, the paid recruiters were able to bring 400 to 500 “fans.” This amounted to more than half the 1000 people who have attended the event, Want ChinaTimes said. Recruits should not be more than 30 years old, and should look like students.

Samsung offered secret gifts for poser fans

Another source, identified as Huang, revealed that a recruitment ad was posted via WeChat. The ad has sought to hire 30 people. Applicants who were qualified received an official call from a representative from Samsung’s Beijing office to confirm participation. According to Huang, she was paid US$8.10 for the 15 minutes she stayed at the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge launch.

Other unnamed sources said that half of those attending the launch took photos using their Apple iPhones. One source told the Paper that she attended the event because Samsung promised to give secret gifts.

The report was groundless – Samsung

In a statement, Samsung slammed the report claiming they hired posers to attend the event. The company said the news outlet responsible has since retracted the report.

“Our findings have indicated that under no circumstances has anyone been hired or given money to attend the event. In fact, the more than 1,100 attendees, including consumers and industry officials, have all been formally invited to the Shanghai Culture Square where the event took place,” Samsung said in a statement.

“In the wake of the investigation, the media outlet that broke the story corroborated our findings and soon retracted the erroneous story. Separately, we are seriously considering whether to request the media outlet to take further action in the matter by issuing a correction. We will also continue our efforts to find out how this story came to be.”


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