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DHS Head Reveals He Has No Idea Who Kathryn Steinle is

DHS Head Reveals He Has No Idea Who Kathryn Steinle is
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DHS Head Reveals He Has No Idea Who Kathryn Steinle is

Kathryn Steinle, 32, was shot dead on July 1 by an illegal immigrant with a long history of crime.

The young and beautiful Steinle, a graduate from California Polytechnic State University, was shot in the chest near a tourist spot at the district of Embarcadero. She was being accompanied by her father at the time of the shooting. Steinle died two hours later in a San Francisco Hospital.

The shooter, Francisco Sanchez, who was arrested shortly after the incident, is a repeated felon who continued to get back to the city even after he was deported as punishment for his earlier crimes. The incident has given rise to questions about the stand of “sanctuary cities” and how a criminal like Sanchez can be allowed to walk free among the public.

The incident of Kathryn Steinle’s death soon got political importance. Donald Trump, presidential candidate for 2016 elections, pointed to the death of Steinle as direct proof for his comments on illegal immigrants from Mexico.

However, when Steinle’s family was asked if anyone from Trump’s camp has tried to reach out to the grieving family for support, the victim’s brother Brad made it clear that no one tried to get in touch with the family. In fact, they were not actually happy with how the incident is being politicized without their permission.

What came as an even bigger shock to the media and common people was the unabashed revelation of Jeh Johnson, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, that he had no idea about who Kathryn Steinle is.

Last week, when the White House was asked for comments on the case, Josh Earnest, Press Secretary, commented that the White House cannot issue a comment, and the media should get in touch with the DHS for any information regarding the matter.

The incident has put the security of common people in the States under a big question mark and this can be a big card to play in the coming elections.

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