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‘Destiny: Rise Of Iron’ Xbox One & PS4 DLC: September 20 Release Date, Plaguelands Zone & More

‘Destiny: Rise Of Iron’ Xbox One & PS4 DLC: September 20 Release Date, Plaguelands Zone & More
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‘Destiny: Rise Of Iron’ Xbox One & PS4 DLC: September 20 Release Date, Plaguelands Zone & More

It has been a bumpy ride for Bungie’s “Destiny: Rise of Iron.” The studio might have hoped to reveal its DLC trailer in style via Twitch. But their plans were faced with several roadblocks, and the early leak was one of them.

Destiny: Rise of Iron update to launch with new features

According to Express, Bungie has confirmed that Destiny: Rise of Iron won’t be announcing anything new at E3 2016. For reasons unknown, the studio revealed their DLC before E3, unlike Bethesda’s Fallout 4. But for now, Bungie’s director Chris Barrett spoke more in detail about the upcoming DLC.

To sum up everything we know, the Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion will be releasing this September. The DLC will feature new areas to explore with a new story for players to experience. While the reveal trailer suggests the introduction of new weapons, the return of Gjallahorn is anticipated.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will be packed with add-ons like a new crucible mode and a map. But to understand the studio’s plan for Destiny, let’s hear it from the developers.

According to The Guardian, Barrett spoke about Destiny and shared his insights about the game:

“With Destiny, we created a universe where a lot of different stories can happen, There are a lot of threads that we’ve started, whether that’s in the grimoires, the weapons or in the different events. But we’ve never told the story of what the Iron Banner is and who Saladin is and the history of the Iron Lords. It was a great opportunity to dive deeper into something that players were already invested in – as opposed to a brand new story where we’d need to do a lot more groundwork to get people interested.”

Destiny: Rise of Iron will be released for both Xbox One and PS4. The game is currently being play-tested for glitches and other minor issues.

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