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Desktop Industry’s Last Hope: Mini-Desktops

Desktop Industry’s Last Hope: Mini-Desktops


Desktop Industry’s Last Hope: Mini-Desktops

Mini-desktops are the only hope for the fading away desktop industry.

Desktop industry was ruling the world few years ago. People used to see a latest upgraded version of desktop, every now and then. Desktops kept on upgrading, either in terms of specifications or in terms of design or outlooks.

The desktop concept emerged with tower PCs, which later on adding Desktop PCs version with less space consuming options for compact places. Monitors were used to be huge devices which later on merged into slim LCD, compact design and easier in terms of transportation. Mouse and keyboards were wired, updated to wireless mouse and keyboards. In short ever perspective was updated with time. Later on Laptops were introduced in the market, much more portable version of PC and easy to be carried away.

Evolution of laptops grasped the whole market of Desktop PCs and instead got itself domination in Computer world. With the emergence of Smartphones, laptop market was taken away from cell phones for being more compact and brilliant designs.

Introduction of tablets devoted world’s attention from cell phones. Computer market now has been captured by cell phones and tablets, rest part is captured by laptops, and desktop’s contribution to market is almost negligible. That is the one of the facts that we don’t see any changes in PCs, in the market.

Desktop’s fall has led a bad impact on companies manufacturing desktops. Sony’s recent act is an indication of the downfall in desktop industry. Sony has stated that it would be selling its VAIO business with Japan Industrial Partners. Growth isn’t that bad at all, there is some growth in mini-desktop industry, which can be emerging star of desktop industry.

Graff handling the Intel’s desktop business spoke about mini-desktop “When I came in there were a number of areas in desktop that were growing, kind of bucking the trend of some of what we’re seeing in the PC business. And as we started to drill in, this was one of the areas—all-in-ones were clearly a growth area—but this mini-desktop, really, the growth has been incredibly strong.”

Mini-desktop is compact sized and low powered but powerful device. Mini-desktop is much more convenient for transportation. The wires are still a trouble, as mentioned by some users. A solution to wire bundling has been proposed as all-in-one device. But there is problem in all-in-one devices that device can only refresh monitor or desktop at once. So till today mini-desktop is the best solution for desktop’s inconvenience problems.

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