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Department of Homeland Security Funding Bill Approved By House

Department of Homeland Security Funding Bill Approved By House
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Department of Homeland Security Funding Bill Approved By House

President Obama

Image from Flickr by the US Department of Agriculture

President Obama’s victory with funding for the Department of Homeland Security by a 257-167 vote ends a standoff between the two parties, reports Fox News.

Although majority of the votes came from Democrats, a significant 75 votes came from Republicans.

On Tuesday afternoon, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said, “On behalf of the approximately 225,000 men and women of the Department of Homeland Security, we thank those in Congress — Democrats and Republicans — who voted for this bill and, in particular, those in Congress who showed the leadership necessary to get the job done.”

House Speaker John Boehner informed lawmakers about dropping immigration demands, all he could do amidst rumors of him striking a deal with Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to hold a vote. House GOP leaders vehemently opposed the claim.

Boehner told his group on the morning of Tuesday, “I am as outraged and frustrated as you at the lawless and unconstitutional actions of this president.”

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, earlier said, “This is the signal of capitulation. The mood of this thing is such that to bring it back from the abyss is very difficult.”

Boehner reportedly told Republican members that an option is to partially shut down the DHS, linking to terror threats or taking up additional stopgap funding bill, unlikely to be passed by the lawmakers. The impasse of the bill was blamed upon the Democrats by Boehner.

The Congress had been on tizzy as lawmakers tried various options over the past week related to the DHS funding bill. Congress finally approved the funding bill before the midnight deadline, according to CBS News.

Obama’s immigration stand would continue in the courts, although actions are suspended for the time being. It is supposed to be a great relief for the 4.7 million immigrants as they would not have to undergo deportation.

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