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Denise Richards Knew About Charlie Sheen’s HIV

Denise Richards Knew About Charlie Sheen’s HIV
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Denise Richards Knew About Charlie Sheen’s HIV

Reports indicated that Denise Richards already knew about ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s HIV positive health condition even before news surfaced.

After recent reports surfaced that Charlie Sheen has HIV, Denise Richards, his ex-wife of nearly three years, stepped out in public looking composed. Reports indicated that she had long known about her ex-husband’s condition.

As reported by Daily Mail, Denise Richards, the almost three years ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, was spotted stepping out on LA last Monday after the The National Inquirer published an article stating that Sheen is HIV-positive and have endured the virus for almost 18 months already.

The 44-year old actress did not address any reporters about the issue. She was spotted at the CVS Pharmacy and looked to have bought something from the shop. Despite the negative rumors swirling around her knowledge of her ex-husband’s health condition, Richards remained silent.

Sheen and Richards first met during the year 2000 and started dating around 2001. On that same year, the coupled tied the knot and had two children together, Sam who is now 11 and Lola who is now 10.

Despite her silence, reports indicated that Richards had known about Sheen’s condition for a long time already and that she knew she had not contracted the virus. Furthermore, it was stated that Sheen allegedly had it with him after she filed for divorce last 2004, following their split last 2005.

As sources put it, Richards nor her children are HIV-positive.

In other news, People reported that Matthew Cole Weiss announced through his podcast that he saw a response from Richards on a tweet talking about Sheen having the virus. She allegedly commented, “I really wanted to protect our daughters and him, you know – what he wanted to reveal, that’s his choice. There’s so many different circumstances surrounding that one question… I’m not quite sure which one [to respond to].”

Charlie Sheen has finally come out and admitted he is HIV positive.

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