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Mariah Carey Makes Demi Lovato Quit Twitter: Not Really – Report

Mariah Carey Makes Demi Lovato Quit Twitter: Not Really – Report
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Mariah Carey Makes Demi Lovato Quit Twitter: Not Really – Report

We could have never pegged Demi Lovato for a quitter. We’re glad we are right!

Demi Lovato “quits” when she cannot handle how her Twitter and Instagram followers acted when she openly defended Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez from Mariah Carey fans.

Demi Lovato Quits Twitter, Instagram

“Damn I gotta quit sayin s–t. Bye Twitter. And insta”, Demi tweeted, undoubtedly referring to her Instagram Feud with Mariah Carey.

Demi went on to say, “But why do people actually give a f–k what I say?? like if you don’t care the gtfo haha. That one time I started my own charity providing mental health care for people who can’t afford it and this is what y’all talk about,” reports US Weekly.

“And people wonder what’s wrong with the world,” Demi sadly adds. “Pay more attention to good than bad.”

Snapchat is the only exception that she has made when it comes to staying connected to social media. Explaining her decision to not withdraw from Snapchat as well, Demi wrote “I like snapchat cause I don’t have to see what some of y’all say. Follow me if you want: theddlovato.”

She might have spoken too soon though, because a new report came in that Lovato is now back on Twitter. Yay for non-quitters!

“F**k this.. I’m back b**ches. And I’m coming back more honest than ever,” she wrote before posting emoji of a smiling face with sunglasses, a middle finger and a naughty face with devil horns in another tweet, as reported by

What happened again? Demi Lovato-Mariah Carey Feud

Lovato cannot stop herself from speaking up when a meme comparing Mariah Carey to Ariana Grande popped up. According to the meme, Ariana Grande cannot hold a torch to Mariah Carey. The meme showed a side-by-side picture of Mariah and Ariana and a caption that “when you order it online vs. when it arrives.”

Demi Lovato commented on the meme saying “You got it the wrong way around honey,” in an attempt to defend Ariana.

When a fan calls out Demi for her “blasphemy,” the singer actress fired back, bringing Mariah into the equation. She wrote, “Mariah is a legend and is so talented but consistently disses people… It’s nasty the way she treats Jennifer.”

The comment quickly fired up the Lambily (that is what the Mariah Carey fans call themselves) and they directed all their hatred towards Demi through their comments, reports Billboard.

Demi justified her comment on the meme by clarifying: “This is why I posted what I did,” she said. “Jen keeps it classy but I’m not afraid to say shit. The woman is mean for no reason.” She further added, “Extremely talented? Yes. Superhuman? Possibly. Unnecessarily rude? Absolutely.”

But the clarification wasn’t enough for the Mariah Carey fans as they did not stop pelting Demi with less-than-cheery comments. Barely 24 hours later, Demi finally decided that she has had enough and has decided to quit social media!

Jennifr Lopez-Mariah Carey Feud

The Jennifer Lopez-Mariah Carey feud has been raging for aging now, with the singers going at each other’s throats at every opportunity that they got. The feud started way back in the early 2000s when both of them were signed by Sony Music’s Epic Records.

Carey added fuel to the fumes by refusing to even recognize Lopez in an interview saying, “I don’t know her.”.This spurred a number of GIFs and internet memes all of whom made fun of Lopez still being insignificant compared to Mariah.


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