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Demi Lovato Invades Stranger’s Home To Sing ‘Stone Cold’

Demi Lovato Invades Stranger’s Home To Sing ‘Stone Cold’
Demi Lovato opening the Jonas Brothers in Chile. Christian Córdova/Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

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Demi Lovato Invades Stranger’s Home To Sing ‘Stone Cold’

On Wednesday night, American singer, model and actress Demi Lovato appeared on James Corden’s “The Late Late Show.” Her appearance was extra special that night. The pop star actually performed her latest “Confident” single “Stone Cold” to a lucky homeowner!

“The Late Late Show With James Corden’s” Wednesday night episode is unlike any other. The production team did something special by filming in an unorthodox way. According to Entertainment Weekly, for the show’s first year anniversary, the production filmed in a randomly selected home around Los Angeles.

For Wednesday’s episode, the house selected for the show belongs to Natalie, who lives with Taylor, Melodie and Adam. Not only did Natalie get to see Lovato, she and her co-residents were able to hear Lovato sing for them! Demi, accompanied by a grand piano, belted out the tune of the powerful new song to the lucky guests of Natalie’s house.

According to Rolling Stone, choosing a house to film was not easy for the TV show.  As the American talk show started going door-to-door seeking individuals who would allow them to film, they did not always get a warm welcome. Some homeowners denied the show’s appeal to shoot in their house.

This foursome, however, was really accommodating. They welcomed Corden, Reggie Watts (musical director) and the show’s team into their home. Before performing her single “Stone Cold,” the host asked Lovato whether she was more nervous about singing at the Grammys or at Natalie’s house.

Demi replied, “Natalie’s house, no comparison.” She explained, “When you’re in a huge arena, I look out in the audience and it’s easier in a sense. When you’re in a small environment, if you’ll make some slip ups, the person’s two feet away from you and they’re looking at you like you’re doing a terrible job.”

Lovato unleashed the music video for “Stone Cold” last month.

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