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Demi Lovato Hurt By Rude Fans: ‘I’m Human, Too!’

Demi Lovato Hurt By Rude Fans: ‘I’m Human, Too!’
Demi Lovato Ashton Noe/Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

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Demi Lovato Hurt By Rude Fans: ‘I’m Human, Too!’

Demi Lovato is a gem when it comes to caring and loving her fans. But it seems that meeting and greeting them is taking a toll on the singer.

The “Cool for the Summer” singer was not able to keep her cool on Tuesday, after some fans were rude to her.  The singer said that although she is used to haters, she is still capable of feeling.

The star took to her Twitter account and wrote, “No matter how long I’ve been doing this, sometimes the madness with the yelling and pushing becomes overwhelming and to avoid individuals either getting hurt or having more anxiety, I go inside hoping my fans will understand.”

Lovato went further and stated, “Today I had 2 instances where I had rude things yelled at me, for the reason that I didn’t stop for every single person. When stuff like that happens, it actually really sucks. It’s not okay and just remember, I’m used to getting hate, but, I’m human too. So please..Take your negativity elsewhere.”

Putting Demi’s negativity aside, as reported also by USA Today, Demi and Nick Jonas (the American singer who is famous as one of the members of the pop rock band Jonas Brothers) will appear as the star performer at the 15th anniversary of the Honda Civic Tour: Future Now. Both artists will perform all their hits and latest songs, including Demi’s single “Stone Cold.”

As promised by Nick, fans can expect new experiences on the “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now” and different vibes from when the singer was in the Jonas Brothers band.

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