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Death To Apple’s iPod Line Imminent?

Death To Apple’s iPod Line Imminent?


Death To Apple’s iPod Line Imminent?

Death To Apple's iPod Line Imminent?The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are well on their way to becoming blockbuster hits for Apple as sales of the iconic iDevices keep everyone busy at Apple Store and its resellers/partners worldwide when they were made available to the public last Friday. Though the lines have already tapered off a bit, the excitement and enthusiasm is still very much high especially in those countries where the devices have not officially launched yet.

But as the new iPhones are basking in the limelight, other Apple iDevices are taking a step back to let their new stars get all the glory they deserve. Even one beloved iDevice had been quietly and unceremoniously taken off Apple’s line up and it appears that we won’t be seeing the iPod Classic any time soon.

The very first iPod was released by Apple in October 23, 2001. During that time, Apple marketed the first generation iPod as a portable media player with a mechanical wheel as control, capable for playing music and came in 5GB and 10GB capacity. Since then the device had gone through several reincarnations and had spawned its very own siblings; the iPod Shuffle, the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch. Later on, the 5th generation iPod came with all the bells and whistles of previous releases including a color screen, photo viewing, games, touch-sensitive wheel and video viewing/playback. The 6th and the final iteration of the iPod was christened the iPod Classic, released in September 2009, and was available with a 160 GB hard drive capacity. This was the last time the iPod Classic was updated and now, September, 2014, Apple had decided it’s time for the well-loved iDevice to retire.

Users browsing through Apple’s site, especially while on the dedicated iPod page, will notice the absence of the iPod Classic in the lineup. What’s left are its siblings – the iPod Shuffle, the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch. But the real question here remains: for how long? Perhaps the iPod Shuffle will still be around for a long-ish time because of its tiny size which is not in direct competition with its siblings, but the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch?

With the release of Apple’s new iPhones which have all the functionalities of both iPods mentioned, and more, Apple might just as well concentrate on their cash cows than use money on what could become redundant iDevices in the very near future. With the demise of the iPod Classic, it appears that these devices are poised to be next on Apple’s chopping block. Still, its Apple call and we’ll just have to wait what the Cupertino firm will do next.

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