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Death Of iPod Classic Due To Unavailability of Parts

Death Of iPod Classic Due To Unavailability of Parts


Death Of iPod Classic Due To Unavailability of Parts

Death Of iPod Classic Due To Unavailability of PartsWhen Apple introduced its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last September, users also witnessed how unceremoniously the Cupertino company laid to rest one of its iconic devices, the iPod Classic.

The device just vanished from Apple’s online store without any explanation coming from the fruit firm. In a recent interview of Apple’s main man, Tim Cook, during Wall Street Journal’s Technology conference, users were finally enlightened as to why the iDevice was suddenly discontinued and taken off the shelf.

Quoting the man himself:

“We couldn’t get the parts anymore, not anywhere on Earth .It wasn’t a matter of me swinging the ax, saying ‘what can I kill today?’”

It was as simple as that. Cook also had to decide whether to update/redesign the device or to put an end to its production.  He further explained that the engineering work would be too massive while the demand for the device has already waned and only a handful of die-hard fans were interested in the device.  He also added that there were other more reasonable options for both the company and its fans.

The original iPod was introduced in 2001 and was made available with capacities of up to 160GB.  The device used a tiny 1.8-inch Toshiba hard disk drive.  In 2009, the iPod was updated to have a sleeker design with rounded corners and was christened as the iPod Classic to distinguish it from the original 2001 device. In 2011, Toshiba manufactured a larger capacity (220 GB) hard disk drive suitable for the device and Classic fans hoped that Apple would update the device.  This never happened and Toshiba also discontinued manufacturing its tiny 220GB capacity hard disk drive.

Apple’s move to ax the iPod Classic was totally unexpected that some quarters even believed that a 128GB iPod Touch would be introduced first before Apple would put the iPod Classic out of circulation.  Both the iPhone and the iPad lines already have their 128GB versions but the iPod Touch has maintained its now meager 64GB capacity.

For the record, Apple has three versions of its iPod line with capacities ranging from 2GB (iPod Shuffle), 16GB (iPod Nano), and up to 64GB (iPod Touch).

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