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New 25 Dead Sea Scrolls Transcripts Discovered – Report

New 25 Dead Sea Scrolls Transcripts Discovered – Report
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New 25 Dead Sea Scrolls Transcripts Discovered – Report

New 25 dead sea scrolls are recently brought to light which date back around 2000 years and hold the text from the Hebrew Bible. The texts in the scrolls have great historical and religious significance and their content detailed in the two new books.

These newly discovered dead sea scrolls record parts of the great books of Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Ruth, Micah, Kings, Leviticus, Nehemiah, Joel, Joshua, Samuel, Jeremiah, Numbers, Proverbs, Psalms, Ezekiel, Judges and Jonah.

The Dead Sea scrolls were first discovered in Qumran caves and these caves had yet to yield any fragments from the historical Book of Nehemiah. If the newly revealed fragment from the book is authenticated, this would be the first ever discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls related to it.

However some of the scholars have expressed concerns about the newly discovered Dead Sea scrolls and said that some of the fragments discovered are forgeries.

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According to Live Science, a scholar told them that around 70 scrolls have been seen in the antiquities market since the year 2002. The cabinet minister of IAA, Israel Antiquities Authority and many scholars believe that there are many undiscovered scrolls which have been already looted by the looters in Judean Desert.

The IAA is now supporting and sponsoring a new series of scientific excavations and surveys to find the new Dead Sea scrolls before the looters find them.

The Dead Sea scrolls were found between 1947 and 1956 in caves of the archaeological site of Qumran in the Judean Desert near Dead Sea. Thousands of fragments from nearly 900 manuscripts were unearthed by archaeologists and local Bedouins during this time.

The scholars belief that the Dead Sea scrolls were hidden in the caves of Qumran around A.D. 70 when there was a Jewish revolt fuming up against the Roman empire. They are believed to be written by a Jewish sect called Essenes.

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