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Dead Mermaid Found In UK: Photos, More Sightings Details Revealed

Dead Mermaid Found In UK: Photos, More Sightings Details Revealed
Today at Great Yarmouth we found what looks like a dead Mermaid washed up on the beach. Paul Jones / Facebook

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Dead Mermaid Found In UK: Photos, More Sightings Details Revealed

Their songs have mesmerized sailors for centuries, luring them to their deaths and, according to some accounts, devouring them. Now a man claiming that he has found a dead mermaid could finally put this age old mystery to rest.

Paul Jones posted photos he claims he captured from Great Yarmouth, a coastal town in Norfolk, England. The images show what appears to be the decomposing body of a half-human, half-fish creature.

In his post, Jones wrote, “Today at Great Yarmouth we found what looks like a dead mermaid washed up on the beach.” But is this really irrefutable proof of the mythical creature’s existence, or is just another elaborate hoax?

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According to Gossip On This, the gruesome photos do show a mermaid-like creature, a young looking one at that. It appears to have been decomposing for quite some time when Paul Jones stumbled upon it on the beach.

Dead Mermaid: Irrefutable Proof Or Elaborate Hoax?

The upper half of the corps appears to have the same basic bone structure of a human, a skull and a rib structure all show human-like features. The only feature that separates it from a human body are the fins and what appears to be remnants of skin on the lower portion of the body.

Another interesting thing about the alleged mermaid corpse is that it is lacking an arm, possibly due to a predator. This might have caused the creature’s death suggesting that they are not the apex predator in the sea.

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However, as realistic as it may seem, there are a few red flags about Jones’ find. According to the Daily Mail, his Facebook profile which says he is him to be a keen modeler – particularly of creepy figures. He is also a member of the ‘Horror and Halloween DIY’ Facebook group.

And even if he did not make a mermaid corpes in his workshop, Great Yarmouth lies on the east coast of England. As it happens, the region is home to large colonies of grey seals some of which wind up dead and are washed up on the beach.

While it is disappointing to know that the amazing find is nothing more than a dead grey seal. Don’t take it to heart though, man has made the same mistakes for centuries and this will not be the last time a dead mermaid washes up on shore.

Watch the video here:

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