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Dead Baby Inside Walmart DVD Bin: Child Allegedly Dead For 48 Hours

Dead Baby Inside Walmart DVD Bin: Child Allegedly Dead For 48 Hours
Walmart Stores $5.00 DVD Bargain Bin. Pics by Mike Mozart 5/2014 of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube Walmart, Walmart Store, Action Alley, DVD Bargain Bin Mike Mozart / Flickr cc


Dead Baby Inside Walmart DVD Bin: Child Allegedly Dead For 48 Hours

It has been reported that on Saturday morning, while shopping at the local Walmart at Roy County, Kentucky, Diane Jessop was shocked by her discovery.

According to reports, Jessop was going through the store’s discount DVD bin. She was trying to find a few movies as gift for her granddaughter on her birthday. As she was rummaging through the bin, she discovered a lifeless newborn, as written by the Associated Media Coverage.

After the shocking discovery, Jessop called for help. Witnesses on the scene allegedly said that multiple customers made their way to the DVD bin when they heard her screaming.

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She was going through the DVD bin when she came across something that appeared to be a small foot, Jessop told police. In the beginning, Jessop presumed someone must have misplaced a toy doll in the bin, as the store’s toy isle was in close proximity. When she got hold of the foot and pulled the body from the heap of DVDs, she was actually holding a lifeless newborn girl.

It seemed to have been confirmed by local police and responding paramedics that the baby was dead for approximately 48 hours. According to them, the baby was estimated to be around 2 months old. Police went through security footage. After doing so, they believe the child was placed in the DVD bin by the young girl’s mother on Friday, August 12 at around 7:10 p.m.

The Walmart Loss Prevention Department’s security footage has not been released to the public. Officers investigating the incident were said to believe that the newborn’s mother was 27-year-old Luciana Garcia, a resident of  Roy County.

However, according to Snopes, the story about the baby found in the bin is false. The publication noted that nothing appears on search engines when one looks for the news.

Moreover, they said that a gruesome and tragic discovery like that would never “surprise” a person, as stated by Associated Media Coverage. Snopes noted that the Associated Media Coverage is known for publishing fake stories.

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