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‘Suicide Squad’ 2 Confirmed: The Joker Possibly Supervillain

‘Suicide Squad’ 2 Confirmed: The Joker Possibly Supervillain
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‘Suicide Squad’ 2 Confirmed: The Joker Possibly Supervillain

DCEU’s Suicide Squad still continues to be a hot discussion among fans and critics. While the movie was considered to be failure from critic’s point of view, it still continues to earn millions at box office worldwide.

Currently Suicide Squad movie is estimated to earn over $670 million at box office worldwide without its release in China. However, Variety film reporter Justin Kroll thinks otherwise.

Recently, the journalist tweeted that “700 Million is within reach” for Suicide Squad movie. Furthermore, he also said that it could trigger some news on “sequel, spin offs” in the upcoming “holiday”. Check out the tweet below.

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Since its release, there have been speculations that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn has been sanctioned for its spin-off. Moreover, there have also been rumors that Suicide Squad 2 is part of Warner Bros. DC film schedule till 2020.

There have been reports that Jared Leto’s The Joker has a possibility of appearing as the Supervillian in Suicide Squad 2. however, it still remains unconfirmed.

While the recent released Suicide Squad managed to succeed at box office, the movie still disappointed the fans at many levels. Mainly, the short screen presence of The Joker was considered as major drop of expectation for DC fans.

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Currently, fans are expecting Warner Bros. to release the deleted scenes containing The Joker in Suicide Squad Blu-ray and DVD version. Recently, leaked its release date as well.

As of now, it has been confirmed that DCEU and Warner Bros. next project is Justice League Dark. The studio has also selected its director for the dark film.

Fans are expecting more news on DCEU in an upcoming Youtube live stream by DC Entertainment. The comic book publishing company is celebrating reaching 1 million subscribers on its official channel.

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