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DCEU: Warner Bros Untitled DC Film Release Date Revealed

DCEU: Warner Bros Untitled DC Film Release Date Revealed
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DCEU: Warner Bros Untitled DC Film Release Date Revealed

Earlier, Warner Bros. released a schedule list, confirming various DCEU films until 2020. However, the studio decided to leave the movies untitled without exact release dates.

It is likely that Ben Affleck’s untitled Batman movie is one among the movies in the list. Since then, there are speculations on Reddit that the film will be scheduled for a release in October 2018.

Recently, a credible source has confirmed its release date. According to Forbes Contributor Mark Hughes, the untitled Batman movie will be released in 2018. Currently, exact dates remain unknown.

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In Hughes’ article, he suggested that Manganiello’s Deathstroke may have a cameo in Justice League before his appearance as the main antagonist in Affleck’s movie.

There have been other speculations saying the untitled Batman movie would feature Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Catwoman and other Arkham villains as well. While they remain unconfirmed, the recent reveal by Hughes is starting to add credibility to the DCEU Reddit leaks as well.

Fans are speculating that the Deathstroke footage released by Ben Affleck is connected to a different scene in Justice League. Fans believe the infamous mercenary and Batman could have a face-off in the Flying Fox.

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Justice League will be released on November 17, 2017. The production team will be traveling to Iceland, their next filming location. Affleck, Amber Heard and other cast members will be part of filming.

Ben Affleck is currently in the scripting phase for the untitled Batman movie. DC Comics COO and President Geoff Johns is helping the director, as well as aiding in other DCEU movies as well. Currently, fans are expecting the next DC film, Wonder Woman to be released on June 2.

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