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DC Villains Deathstroke, Batwoman, Lady Shiva Should Get Own Movie, Here’s Why

DC Villains Deathstroke, Batwoman, Lady Shiva Should Get Own Movie, Here’s Why
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DC Villains Deathstroke, Batwoman, Lady Shiva Should Get Own Movie, Here’s Why

Suicide Squad has created a huge buzz shedding a favorable light on DC villains in a twisted sort of way. But why stop there when there’s a whole myriad of vile characters interesting enough to deserve a solo movie?

The concept of villains and anti-heroes becoming the star of their own superhero movie is no longer an outlandish idea. 20th Century Fox proved that after it made a killing, pun intended, with Deadpool.

So if Hollywood can make the “Merc with a mouth” into a smash hit, why can’t DC Villains get the same treatment? There are surely some villains and anti-heroes whose storylines are worth exploring.

Cinemablend has laid out a few that, as far as character development goes, should get their own solo movies. Whether you agree with the choices not, you have to admit it’s a novel idea.

Lady Shiva

Everyone loves assassins, from sneaky ninjas to hired killers who will obey the highest bidder. Lady Shiva is one these, and as a hired killer, she owes allegiance to no one except her client.

While assassinations automatically makes you the bad guy, being a hired gun or in her case, fists, blurs the line between good and bad. She can just as easily kill a hero or a villain depending on her client and this makes her character that much more interesting.


Batman is once again on top of the DC Food chain with The Dark Knight Trilogy and the recent Batman vs. Superman films. So why not ride the Bat train, and not to mention pander to the good side of feminists by making a Batwoman movie.

Batwoman has no relations to the “Bat” team that includes Batman, Robin and Batgirl. The only “Bat” thing about her is that the caped crusader served as her inspiration. It would be definitely interesting to see her deliver her own brand of justice to the DC Extended Universe.


While often associated with the aforementioned Suicide Squad, it was surprising Deathstroke was not included in the film. This has spawned rumors that Warner Bros. has other plans for the character.

Being a mercenary/assassin, Deathstroke, a.k.a. Slade Wilson, would definitely be a perfect candidate for a DC solo movie. All that’s needed is a good actor and a director who can create a Punisher-like atmosphere.

Suicide Squad is just the start and despite poor reviews by critics, fans are definitely on board with DC villains starring in their own films. Hopefully the film paves the way for future DC films featuring bad and not-so-bad guys.

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