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DC Films 4Chan Leak: Darkseid In Justice League, Batman Release Date And More

DC Films 4Chan Leak: Darkseid In Justice League, Batman Release Date And More
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DC Films 4Chan Leak: Darkseid In Justice League, Batman Release Date And More

Earlier in June, one user on 4Chan published a list of not-yet-announced DC Film news. The alleged leak contained news on Justice League casting and plot, Man of Steel sequel updates and more.

Unfortunately, the 4Chan post was soon debunked by a credible source. Recently, another list containing new announcements on DC films was reposted on Reddit earlier on Tuesday.

According to the alleged plan list, Joe Manganiello has been “approached” for a role. Furthermore, it also says “Actresses Seinna Miller and Rosamund Pike are in talks for a DCEU role” along with Luke Evans.

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The list is also claiming that “Darkseid might not be the villain for Justice League 2”. Currently, Warner Bros. is still searching for an actor to be cast as Steppenwolf, the general of Apokolip’s army.

The DC plan list also claims that “The Batman will come out on October 5th, 2018.” Recently Director and main protagonist of the movie, Ben Affleck teased Deathstroke and was later confirmed by reports that he will be the main villain.

It also reveals that “David Ayer will return for Suicide Squad 2” according to the leak, the director is currently “working on the script”. Recently, there were reports that Warner Bros. will soon announce sequel news for SS and also a spin-off for a fictional character currently unknown.

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Earlier this week, a similar leak was also posted for Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and other titles currently in production. While both leaks have been gaining traction on the internet, it still remains unconfirmed.

The DC leak suggests that “Justice League Dark will be taking Shazam’s release date in 2019”. As Warner Bros. has confirmed untitled DC Films till 2020, the possibility still remains. fans can check out the entire 4chan leak below.

4chan leak: Future Plans For The DC Films Universe from DC_Cinematic

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