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DC Extended Universe: New Image of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Shown in Fan Art

DC Extended Universe: New Image of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Shown in Fan Art
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DC Extended Universe: New Image of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Shown in Fan Art

DC Extended Universe movie Wonder Woman has been receiving a lot of appraisals lately, as the studio shared some details on its plot. As of now, we are aware of the fact that our Amazon princess’s adventure sets off from Themyscira.

The plot reveal also confirmed that Wonder Woman movie would contain “Snyder-esque, dark and epic” style of cinematography. While the movie made no reference of changes in Gal Gadot’s superhero costume, a fan art revealed a new suit for the amazon princess, suitable to her look when she lives with the rest of mankind.

The image was submitted by Kiwifruitee on reddit. It’s a graphic sketch of Gal Gadot in full body armor with star symbols all over it. Fans are already thrilled, hoping the live-action film would use a suit similar to this. You can check out the image below or click here to view it on devianart through the artist’s profile.

Based on the movie updates revealed so far, Wonder Woman storyline seems to be accurate to DC’s animated film. But DCEU plans on integrating more realism into the story and characters.

In other news, we came across a recent report on Movie Pilot. The report revealed details from an additional footage of Wonder Woman movie released in Italy. The story seems to contain more about Diana’s adventure into the foreign land of men, understanding their language and eventually fighting their battles.

The movie has made no reference to her romance with Steve Trevor but rather contains more action sequence throughout. While there would be instances where fans would get to witness their love spark, it would probably be stepped on by her significance towards her Warrior side.  Wonder Woman movie will be released on June 2, 2017.

Wonder Woman Fan Art by Alex Malveda from DC_Cinematic

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