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DC Comics Rebirth: Chinese Superman Featured On First Issue, See Cover Image Here

DC Comics Rebirth: Chinese Superman Featured On First Issue, See Cover Image Here
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DC Comics Rebirth: Chinese Superman Featured On First Issue, See Cover Image Here

DC Comics Rebirth have finally created a new series that would change our perspective of Superheroes. Introducing the Chinese Superman, a story line based on a teen named Kenan Kong who goes on to be the Man of Steel in China.

The New Super-man Issue #1 is already available at your nearest store, as the title was released on Wednesday. You can take a look at its Cover by Viktor Bogdanovic on the feed below.

While it has already been established that our Chinese Superman will be setting out his adventures in China, Kenan Kong was also born in Shanghai. As the series suggests, our hero is Made in China.

Writing DC Comics Rebirth Issue Not An Easy Task

Writer Gene Luen Yang also shared his views on the comics to Huffington Post. “The broader goal is to show that a character of any color, a hero of any kind of background can be compelling ― can be somebody that anybody can identify with,” he said.

Writing the plot for the DC Comics Rebirth issue wasn’t an easy task, as Gene Luen Yang was a US-born writer. Yang had to extensively research on the Chinese culture to introduce them into the comic. Fortunately, it looks like his hardwork has paid off, as fans are already posting positive reviews on the first issue via twitter.

While the Chinese Superman may look different, his traits and character are similar to the American Superman we have been familiar of.  “I wanted it to resonate to two different things: Number one is the American Superman. If you read early issues, he was kind of a jerk,” he said.

“The second thing is ―there are a lot of Asian stories and Chinese stories in particular that are about somebody conquering their self,” Yang continued.

While it may prove to be difficult for some fans to witness their favorite hero in a different perspective, fans can take their first step by taking a look at the preview.

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