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DC Cinematic Universe To Adapt New 52, DC Rebirth

DC Cinematic Universe To Adapt New 52, DC Rebirth
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DC Cinematic Universe To Adapt New 52, DC Rebirth

Geoff Johns’ recent move to introduce DC Rebirth gained worldwide traction for various reasons. But the one that stood out was the publisher’s move to bring back all superheroes we have lost over time. While we already know that Geoff Johns is working with the DC Extended Universe, which adaptation would the writer/CCO choose for the most anticipated Justice League and The Flash movie?

DC comics upcoming movies based on New 52?

Judging by recent reports, DC EU would most likely adapt “The New 52” for its upcoming films. The events that occurred in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is similar to the plot of “The New 52 Justice League by Geoff Johns” and “Injustice: Gods Among us by Tom Taylor.”

It’s a no-brainer that studio writers may be working on DC Rebirth titles during the progress of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Moreover, the Extended Universe is working on a tight schedule to introduce all superheroes before the release of Justice League Part 2 (Darkseid may go up against the Justice League).

Most of the titles in the New 52 have performed well and met audience expectation. Although Man of Steel and Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice managed to earn millions at the box office, it’s still a pebble compared to Marvel’s humongous earnings. DC would probably stay away from another risk in its upcoming titles and put its money on the plot of The New 52.

The studio also gave hints to fans in DC Rebirth #1 via a line below page 1 that says, “This tale takes place after Justice League #50 and Superman #52, so read those first!”

Although reviews suggest “Rebirth” will be a reboot, Geoff Johns stressed in an interview that it’s absolutely not! So can we rest assured that DC EU would be on the same lines as the New 52?

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