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DC 4Chan Rumors: Justice League And Man of Steel 2 Details Not True

DC 4Chan Rumors: Justice League And Man of Steel 2 Details Not True
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DC 4Chan Rumors: Justice League And Man of Steel 2 Details Not True

Warner Bros. and DCEU have many titles in their upcoming line-ups till 2020. While Justice League and Man of Steel sequel is certainly among them, it looks like the previous rumors on these movies aren’t as credible as fans thought.

A thread on 4 Chan dedicated to DCEU Spoilers had been providing details on Justice League, Man of Steel 2, The Flash, Aquaman and more, claiming them to be true. However, a credible source recently shattered these rumors.

Umberto Gonzalez tweeted on Tuesday that the DC 4 chan rumors were “Not True” and implied that fans “should know that by now.” Check out the tweet below.

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Since then, the 4 Chan thread has been removed. However, a reddit user had uploaded the falsified list few months ago. Check it out below.

While Gonzalez claims the DC 4 Chan rumors to be false, one of the spoilers from the list suggested “Barry and Victor went to the same high school.” While it remains unlikely to be true, Film critic Mark Hughes confirmed Cyborg’s appearance in The Flash movie and it received its second confirmation from Variety as well.

It has been confirmed that Man of Steel 2 is in active development by Warner Bros. but it looks like the rumors on several directors shortlisted for the DC sequel were false.

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Warner Bros. did confirm many DC untitled films till 2020. However, the studio still hasn’t revealed the year for Man of Steel sequel.

Recently, since the release of Justice League movie’s teaser trailer, fans received their first update through Henry Cavill. The actor uploaded an image of his black suit on instagram. Click here to check it out.

Justice League will be released on November 17th, 2017. The movie is being directed by Zack Snyder but it was recently confirmed that its script was rewritten by others in the production team as well.

New 4chan Rumors: Willem Dafoe, Man of Steel 2 and more from DC_Cinematic

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