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David Puckett: Photo, Facts And Updates On Six-Year-Old Boy Missing Since New Year’s Eve

David Puckett: Photo, Facts And Updates On Six-Year-Old Boy Missing Since New Year’s Eve
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David Puckett: Photo, Facts And Updates On Six-Year-Old Boy Missing Since New Year’s Eve

A 6-year-old boy has been missing since the New Year’s Eve. Authorities have identified him as David Puckett from Aurora, Colo.

The boy wandered away from home and has not been seen since.

According to a statement by the Aurora Police Department, David was last seen early Saturday.

David went missing near Olympic Park. According to his mother, he was wearing camouflage pants, black boots and a black jacket. The mother also expressed her fear that his coat was not very thick.

Search Operation for the Missing Boy

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation issued an Amber Alert on Monday. Authorities seemed worried as the weather currently is very cold and the boy has been missing for three days now.

“We’re obviously very concerned. We’re all cold standing here bundled up, so the weather and the amount of time is increasingly concerning to us and that is why the CBI has issued this Amber Alert for us today,” Aurora police spokeswoman McCoy said, as reported by CBS Denver.

Initially, the Police asked for public help in finding the missing boy, but have now asked people to stop looking for David. Authorities are now planning to use search dogs and have, therfore, asked people to temporarily stop walking around the area. This is to ensure the search dogs could sniff out David’s scent.

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The designated search area for the missing boy has been specified on a 2.5 miles radius, as reported by Fox News. The FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have joined the investigation. So far, the FBI has assigned 50 agents to the case.

A Little about David Puckett

David Puckett went missing at around 5:30 p.m. Saturday from his home in the 15700 block of Amherst Place. Police haven’t suspected any foul play so far.

“At this time we believed he wandered off. We have one documented instance where he wandered off from school,” McCoy said.

David goes to Dartmouth Elementary school, and has a slight learning disability. He had wandered away from school once in the past, but was later found.

Talking about his statistics, David is four feet tall and weighs around 48 pounds, according to Denver Post. His hair color is light brown, and his eyes are blue-green.

David’s mother asked for public help, saying, “If you guys can, please help me find him. If you see him, please call the police immediately. If, by chance, you picked him up last night because you thought it would be best please bring my baby home.”

Investigation is ongoing, and police has urged anyone with information about the boy to step forward and contact them.

For any information on David, you can call the Aurora Police Department at 303-739-1865, 303-739-1868 or 303-739-1870.

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