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David Petraeus Net Worth, Sex Scandal, Mistress Paula Broadwell: His Chances Of Becoming Secretary Of State

David Petraeus Net Worth, Sex Scandal, Mistress Paula Broadwell: His Chances Of Becoming Secretary Of State
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David Petraeus Net Worth, Sex Scandal, Mistress Paula Broadwell: His Chances Of Becoming Secretary Of State

President-elect Donald Trump has set his eyes on David Petraeus to nominate as the Secretary Of State 2017. Will his past sex scandal with Paula Broadwell prevent his chances of becoming a part of Trump’s cabinet?

David Petraeus, 65, served as the Director of the CIA from September 6, 2011 to November 9, 2012. Prior to becoming the CIA Director, he served 37 years in the United States Army.

Despite being a four-star general and one of the most celebrated commanding generals, Petraeus will forever be remembered for his disgraceful exit from the CIA.

David Petraeus Sex Scandal

Petraeus had gotten married to Hollister “Holly” Knowlton, the daughter of the West Point Superintendent, at an early age. He had two children from his marriage – Stephen and Anne. However, just after being relieved from active army duty, he got involved with Broadwell, the author of “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus”.

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The extra-marital affair was heavily televised, making it impossible for Petraeus to continue acting as the Director of CIA. He ended the affair in the summer of 2012, after discovering evidence that Broadwell had been blackmailing his family friend.

As it happened, Broadwell had a jealous streak. She suspected Petraeus of cheating on her with his friend, Jill Kelley. Hence, she began sending threatening emails to Miss Kelley, accusing her to stay clear of her man.

Petraeus’ history with Broadwell not only destroyed his personal life, but compromised his professional achievements too. In the heat of romance, Petraeus was accused of sharing classified information with Broadwell, which was a federal crime.

He was convicted of misdemeanor, for which he had to pay $100,000 and agree to two years of probation.

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David Petraeus Net Worth: Will He Become Secretary Of State?

Years after his sex scandal, Petraeus’ past has resurfaced to ruin what could be his dream future. Among the names being considered for the post of the future Secretary of State, Petraeus is certainly a favorite.

However, it would have had been a done deal if he did not have to go through security clearance from The Defense Department.

Even though Trump tweeted that he “was very impressed” with the former CIA Director, after he briefly spoke with him in New York on Monday, Petraeus’ past could potentially end his chances of succeeding Hillary Clinton, reports CNN.

However, Trump has categorized Petraeus’ crimes as lesser than that of his rival, Clinton. And hence, according to him, Petraeus definitely qualifies to be Secretary Of State.

Petraeus’ net worth stands at $2 million, reports Celebrity Net Worth. However, his bank balance could be looking at a considerable spike if he becomes the Secretary Of State.

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