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Did David Ayer Could Have Revealed The Joker’s Gun Collection Or Tease ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Did David Ayer Could Have Revealed The Joker’s Gun Collection Or Tease ‘Suicide Squad 2’
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Did David Ayer Could Have Revealed The Joker’s Gun Collection Or Tease ‘Suicide Squad 2’

David Ayer has been quite known for directing films that use a lot of weapons for violence. The director was also appreciated for coming close to accurately portraying the gun violence in “Fury”, a story inspired from true events of WWII.

Recently, David Ayer directed DCEU’s “Suicide Squad”. As expected, the movie contained more gun violence rather than using action sequence through metahuman abilities.

David Ayer Posts Cryptic Message, Supports Gun Violence?

While the movie was victim to mixed opinions, it was still appreciated by the fans for its action sequences. Recently, the director shared an image which has caused major speculations on the internet.

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Director David Ayer uploaded a photo of Guns stacked on a table via his Twitter account. The image also limelight’s a magnum gun in the centre of the table.

Fans following David Ayer have been sharing various speculations on the tweet. Some fans suggested that the director was taking a stance on Guns. However, it’s also possible that the director is teasing his next project as well.

David Ayer Recent Tweet Teases Suicide Squad 2 ?

A Redditor shared the image on DCEU sub reddit page and suggested that it could be the guns used by The Joker in “Suicide Squad”. Fans can click here to join the conversation and check out David Ayer’s tweet below.

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The Redditor was pointing out the scene from the first act of Suicide Squad. During the scene, an aerial shot reveals the clown prince surrounded by guns in a circle.

It’s also possible that David Ayer was teasing a scene from his currently under direction “Bright”. The movie stars Will Smith as the main protagonist.

Currently it’s unknown what the director meant in his tweet. Fans can only hope that the cryptic message in the photo will soon be broken.

It was earlier speculated that David Ayer would soon begin working on “Suicide Squad 2”. However, since he took up “Bright” as his next new project, it’s likely that Warner Bros. has no plans for Suicide Squad sequel as of now.

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