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Daughter Murders Mom: Photos Of Mari & Sarra Elizabeth Gilbert

Daughter Murders Mom: Photos Of Mari & Sarra Elizabeth Gilbert
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Daughter Murders Mom: Photos Of Mari & Sarra Elizabeth Gilbert

The upstate New York mother of a sex worker who went missing in 2010 led to the charge of her daughter.

Mari Gilbert was found dead on Saturday at her Ellenville apartment. Gilbert has been attempting to solve her daughter’s disappearance, which had led to the discovery of 10 sets of human remains along Long Island’s Gilgo Beach.

“She’s a real symbol of what’s right about motherhood. It’s the ultimate horror of your own child putting you to death,” John Ray, an attorney for the Gilbert family, said.

“She continued to pursue justice for her daughter until her death,” Ray added.

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The apartment where Mari was found dead belonged to her daughter, Sarra Elizabeth Gilbert, who has been arraigned on charges of murder and weapons possession, the Ellenville police said in a release.

As reported by the New York Daily News, Sarra called her mother to her apartment on Saturday and killed her by stabbing her repeatedly. Ray described Sarra as an “extreme schizophrenic,” adding that she heard voices asking her to kill her other.

“She’s a very sick, sick woman,” Ray said. “There’s something wrong with her. She’s not all there.”

Shannan Gilbert vanished on May 2010 after escaping from a client’s home in Oak Beach, New York, ABC News reports. A Craigslist escort from Jersey City, Shannan is believed to be the last known victim of 11 people slain in a killing spree. The police discovered the remains of the victims while they were searching for Shannan.

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While the Suffolk County Police say Shannan’s death was accidental, an independent autopsy conducted showed that the victim’s death was “consistent with homicidal strangulation.” However, the cause of death could not be determined.

While no arrests have been made for the killings, police believe a serial killer was behind the slayings.

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