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Daughter Asks Mom To Prom Because She Never Attended One

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Daughter Asks Mom To Prom Because She Never Attended One

It’s one of the sweetest gestures a young teen can ever make for a parent. Francesca Rose Pfeiffer decided that there was no else she wanted to go to prom with than her own mom.

Francesca is a 17-year-old high school student in St. George, Utah. Her mother, Caridad, came into her life when she was still very young. “She adopted me when I was young and gave me everything.” Since then, Caridad has devoted her life to being a great mother to her daughter. In fact, she was even willing to move across the country so Francesca could attend a good high school.

“She’s diabetic and has almost no feeling in her fingers, but she still managed to pack up a house and move a state away in three days when I was accepted to really great high school,” Francesca explained. For her, Caridad is her hero. So recently, Francesca decided it was her turn to do something incredible for her mom. That is how she got to thinking about her prom.

As it turns out, Caridad did not get to go to her own prom, according to a report from the Huffington Post. According to Francesca, her mother was treated quite “horribly” by both students and teachers in her school. “One time a boy was dared to ask her to a dance and ended up spitting and laughing in her face,” Francesca added.

Nonetheless, the teenager knew that her mother had always been “slightly sad” about not going to the prom. That’s why she decided that her mother would become her date. This is what led to come up with one of the best prom proposals ever.

Francesca asked mom to the prom, Disney style.

First, she needed a theme. Luckily, Francesca said her mom is actually “Disney obsessed.” According to a report from Inside Edition, Francesca first sent her mom on a scavenger hunt. It eventually led her to Francesca’s school. There, Francesca was waiting along with a number of her friends.

As Caridad entered the room, Francesca welcomed her with a tiara and balloons. She also held up a sign that said, “Since YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME, I’m GOING THE DISTANCE to take you UP on an ADVENTURE with me! I’ll SHOW YOU THE WORLD and BE YOUR NEW DREAM; so since you are my OHANA, CAN I SAY SOMETHING CRAZY? Will you BE MY GUEST at prom?”

Caridad was beyond surprised. And soon, she gets to go to her first prom.

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