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Dash Cam Footage Released Showing Walter Scott Shooting

Dash Cam Footage Released Showing Walter Scott Shooting
Image from Flickr by Hunter Desportes


Dash Cam Footage Released Showing Walter Scott Shooting


Image from Flickr by Hunter Desportes

Dash cam footage of Walter Scott’s shooting has been released by South Carolina authorities, partially throwing a light on how and why the man was shot.

The footage does not fully clarify the incident, though, only showing the event before and after Officer Michael Slager shot Scott.

The actual shooting was not found on the footage.

The video only shows early interaction between Slager and Scott. When their chat has ended, Slager returns to his patrol vehicle, telling Scott to remain in his car. But Scott gets out and runs away.

The video also shows another passenger in Scott’s car whose identification is not made public. It was reported that the unknown passenger was detained.

Throwing light on the identification of the other man, family attorney Chris Stewart told CNN that the man was Scott’s colleague and friend.

When the family was asked as to what made Scott run all of a sudden, Justin Bamberg, another of their attorneys, speculated that Scott might have ran for his unpaid money for child support, which he was supposed to have paid.

According to Charleston County family court documents, Scott was required to pay a sum of $18,104.43 to the child support organization he was associated with. When he was unable to pay the money, an arrest warrant was issued.

Still, Bamberg felt Walter Scott was unnecessarily shot by Slager, 33.

“This dash cam footage does not change the fact that at the moment the officer shot and killed Mr. Scott — that shooting was completely unjustified. And that is the key point of both the criminal investigation and the civil lawsuit,” the lawyer said.

Feidin Santana, who captured the actual shooting video on his mobile phone, is dissatisfied with police justification.

“It wasn’t like that, the way they were saying,” Santana said.

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