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Dark Souls 3 Release Comes To Xbox One, PC And PS4; Also Availabe At GameStop Stores

Dark Souls 3 Release Comes To Xbox One, PC And PS4; Also Availabe At GameStop Stores
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Dark Souls 3 Release Comes To Xbox One, PC And PS4; Also Availabe At GameStop Stores

Have you been waiting for Dark Souls 3 release? Then here comes the good news for you. Dark Souls 3 is coming to Xbox One, PC and PS4. If you were waiting for the release, you might also be waiting to get a copy of your game. Isn’t it? Then here is where you can buy it.

Best Buy has totally ignored the Dark Souls 3 release and has decided to skip the game. But GameStop has made the game available right at midnight. The site has on its page dedicated to Dark Souls 3 has mentioned, “The title will be available for pick-up at 12:01 am eastern time on 4/11 in select GameStop stores. Customers can pick up their copy of Dark Souls 3 at these times based on your residential time zone.” Here are the timings:

  1. Eastern Time: 12:01 am on 4/12
  2. Central Time: 11:01 pm on 4/11
  3. Mountain Time: 10:01 pm on 4/11
  4. Pacific Time: 09:01 pm on 4/11

To know about GameStop stores that are selling Dark Souls 3, click here.

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If the GameStop store near you is not selling Dark Souls 3, then you can get in touch with local stores. If even that is not the option for you, then wait till other stores like Walmart makes a copy of the game available because these big stores never give major releases a skip. You can also get a digital copy via PSN, Xbox Live or Steam. Just in case the physical copy is not available near you, these are the options you have for digital copies. As per the Dark Souls 3 Steam page, the game will be available for purchase from 6 pm EST on Monday.

For more updates on Dark Souls 3 release and where to buy the game, keep watching this space. If any of the other sites list the game in the near future, we will be back with the update.

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