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‘Daredevil’ Star Rosario Dawson Arrested For Rallying Against Corruption

‘Daredevil’ Star Rosario Dawson Arrested For Rallying Against Corruption
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‘Daredevil’ Star Rosario Dawson Arrested For Rallying Against Corruption

Rosario Dawson was among the arrested protesters on April 15 at a Democracy Spring protest in Washington D.C. There were 400 demonstrators arrested involved in the ongoing protest which challenges political corruption.

The actress was arrested due to crowding, obstructing or incommoding after crossing the police line during the protest at the Capitol which ET has confirmed according to Yahoo News. Although she was not handcuffed, she was fined with $50. She told the reporters, “This is a tremendous issue and I’m really grateful that I could be here and be a part of it,” she also added that she personally wanted to be one with the people who puts themselves on the line.

Rosario Dawson attended the rally to “end the corruption of big money in our politics” as stated in Democracy Spring’s website according to Yahoo News. The actress explained that the issue is really important and should be addressed for the people. She said that the demonstrators are risking themselves on the line for an issue that a lot of people wanted to see in America resolved, which she said is, “one person, one vote and to take the money out of politics, so we can have fair elections with real progressives.”

According to Us Weekly, although she was warned that the authorities might not be able to arrest her even if they want due to her celebrity status and might draw attention, she proceeded with the protest. She praised the police as “really great with us, and really lovely, I have to say that is not the case for so many people.” In 2004, she was also arrested for protesting the former President George W. Bush.

This arrest happened days after she spoke at Syracuse rally to campaign for Bernie Sanders.

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