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Daredevil Season 2: The Plot and the New Villains

Daredevil Season 2: The Plot and the New Villains
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Daredevil Season 2: The Plot and the New Villains

Marvel’s Daredevil created for Netflix, which proved to be a popular entertainer in its first season, has been renewed for a second season. Thisis now is due to premier in 2016.

Here are some Daredevil Season 2 spoilers to keep you on the track.

The highly awaited and anticipated Daredevil Season 2 will introduce Marvel’s another heroic character the Punisher into the show. The role of Frank Castla will be played by Jon Bernthal.

According to reports from Nerdist, the Punisher’s way of fighting crime on the road will place him in direct conflict with Daredevil a.k.a. Matt Murdock. Punisher will play the major antagonist in the show, at least for the first half.

The conflict between the two is going to be indeed exciting as in the first season because Matt himself was learning the way to let the law deal with the criminals. Thiswas illustrated by his decision to facilitate the imprisonment of the Kingpin, and not to terminate him.

However, for the Punisher, rules do not lie in the same way.  He believes in shooting the criminals first and talking later; as he has a backstory where his entire family suffered tragic killing by criminals.

The conflict between the two is not expected to last forever, as both the characters have been portrayed as heroes in the original Marvel comics. So, by the latter half of the show, we can expect some bigger villains to be pulled into the scene, which will need the Daredevil and the Punisher to shake hands for the good.

According to reports, the new villain entering the show in the season 2 will be Bullseye, the arch rival of Daredevil. Hence, the two good guys are most probable to solve out their issues quickly before the henchman of Kingpin creates disaster on Hell’s Kitchen.

Nerdist reports, both Elektra and Bullseye have been confirmed for the next season and it is possible that Daredevil will fall in love with Elektra, who, according to the comic book loses her life in the hand of Bullseye, forcing Daredevil to meet hands with Punisher to slay the criminals.

However, there have been no confirmation about the expected plot and as reported by IGN, the Punisher might actually play the role of the prime villain of the season, as well.

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