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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Ryan Lochte: Allegedly Facing Death Threats, Demanding High Security

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Ryan Lochte: Allegedly Facing Death Threats, Demanding High Security
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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Ryan Lochte: Allegedly Facing Death Threats, Demanding High Security

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte faced two anti-Lochte members as he performed on stage during the premiere of “Dancing With The Stars” Season 23. The Olympian suffered a meltdown following the incident when the cameras were not rolling and demanded that he be given an entire security squad.

Although he appeared to be cool and composed on the camera, he was devastated and had a crisis on the sets of “Dancing With The Stars.”

“He was flipping out and demanding that they give him an entire security squad from now on,” an insider was quoted as saying by the Radar Online.

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The drama began when two men in white t-shirts with the name ‘Lochte’ striked out in red stormed onto the stage after Lochte’s performance and started yelling at the camera. Judge Carrie Anne Inaba was seen asking someone to back off in the video footage.

“Hey! Excuse me,” Inaba said. “Back off!”

They were interrupted by the security guards and later taken into custody and charged with misdemeanour trespassing. The men were later identified as Sam Sododeh, 48, and Barzeen Soroudi, 40. The show was sent to commercial by host Tom Bergeron as the men were being tackled by the security guards.

There were also four women in the audience who wore similar t-shirts as the two men. They continued to boo until Derek Hough rushed to the stage and asked the security to get them out of there.

“Nobody was hurt and nobody was touched in the incident,” the USA Today quoted Los Angeles police spokesman Mike Lopez as saying.

According to a report by the Blasting News, there was a total chaos in the aftermath of the incident with everyone trying to pass on the blame on someone. It was not only Lochte who demanded a security team for himself but his dancing partner Cheryl Burke as well.

“Cheryl is being fiercely protective of Ryan and has already had it out with people giving him problems for the whole Rio ordeal,” said the insider. “Cheryl wants more security right away and told the producers that she is working with a national treasure and that they need to start treating him like that.”

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