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Dallas Shooting: Photos Of Policemen Killed, Their Families & Loved Ones Left Behind

Dallas Shooting: Photos Of Policemen Killed, Their Families & Loved Ones Left Behind
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Dallas Shooting: Photos Of Policemen Killed, Their Families & Loved Ones Left Behind

Last week, the protest in Dallas against the shooting of two black men by police turned fatal and tragic when one man opened fire into the crowd. He was not after the protesters; he was targeting police officers working to keep the crowd safe. At the end of his killing spree, five police officers lost their lives.

Officer Brent Thompson from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit System was the first police officer killed during the shooting. Earlier reports said that Thompson had just gotten married two weeks before he was killed. He is also the first officer from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit System to be killed in action.

Officer Patrick Zamarripa was an officer, husband, and father to a 2-year-old girl. According to a report from CBS News, Zamarippa was also a veteran from the U.S. Navy. His father, Rick, was already fearing the worst on Thursday night when Patrick failed to text him back when he tried to reach him.

“I would always text him if something happened, when a police officer gets shot. I say, ‘Are you okay?’ He’d text me right back,” he explained.

Following his death, Rick said, “My son paid the ultimate price to take care of people.”

Officer Michael Krol was originally from Michigan where he worked at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office before joining the Dallas Police Department. His mother told Good Morning America that his son was “living his dream of being a police officer.”

Following Krol’s death, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said, “We didn’t need this tragedy to be brought home to feel its impact, but still it hurts more this way.”

Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens was working as a detective in the Crimes Against Persons division. The Washington Post reports that Ahrens died the hospital after his surgery. He left behind his wife Kathryn and their two children.

Sergeant Michael Smith served the Dallas Police Department for 27 years. He was also a U.S. Army veteran survived by his wife and two daughters. Smith was very close to the Watermark Community Church. One parent said that he was “always serving others.”

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