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Watch: Dallas Police Slays Mannequin Challenge

Watch: Dallas Police Slays Mannequin Challenge


Watch: Dallas Police Slays Mannequin Challenge

The internet is at it again; this time, with something intense — the Mannequin Challenge, they call it.

Be it the Harlem Shake or planking, Dubsmash or the Ice Bucket Challenge, the web has given us trends here and there.

The Mannequin Challenge

As defined by the Telegraph, the Mannequin Challenge is a viral video craze that shows people acting like mannequins, freezing for the camera while Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” play as the background song.

It’s quite simple, actually (or not?). People do elaborate poses while one person walks around with a camera, zooming in on the details.

The trend has gone viral with the hashtag #MannequinChallenge.

How It Came Into Being

As often the case, a bunch of teenagers kick-started the trend, which went on to become the latest trend online, as told by the New York Times.

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While nobody knows who exactly started the trend, a group of U.S. school sophomores take credit by posting one of the clips last month.

The trend has, since then, spread like wildfire.

The Dallas Police Mannequin Challenge

In another video, produced by Black in Blue Film, people are seen enacting scenes of police brutality. It was directed by YouTube comedian Simone Shepherd. According to Shepherd, the post has been removed from Facebook; however, she will “just keep reposting it.”

According to The Wrap, the video recreates well-known cases of police shootings, including the fatal killing of Philando Castile in July, the incident that gave birth to the Black Lives Matter campaign.

The video goes on to show more intense poses and ends with the sound of a heart monitor flatlining.

In light of the current trend, the Dallas Police Department decided to take on the challenge and posted their own video. Here is the complete video.

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