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Dallas Maverick Andrew Bogut Twitter: Funniest #IOCLuxuryLodging Tweets

Dallas Maverick Andrew Bogut Twitter: Funniest #IOCLuxuryLodging Tweets
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Dallas Maverick Andrew Bogut Twitter: Funniest #IOCLuxuryLodging Tweets

For Dallas Maverick player Andrew Bogut, his team’s current lodging at the Olympic village in Rio de Janeiro is a joke. Instead of becoming outright angry, Bogut decided to create a hashtag for his current “luxury lodging” as he documents the challenges of staying in Rio for the 2016 Olympics.

You can say he is trying to make the most out of a bad (and foul-smelling) situation. Thanks to Bogut, the hashtag #IOCLuxuringLodging is now gaining popularity. At first, Bogut seemed to be excited about arriving in Rio de Janeiro. He even remarked, “Exciting times ahead.”

Things seemed to be doing great for him and the Australian basketball team he is playing for, but that did not last long. Shortly after arriving, Bogut found himself trying to create a makeshift shower curtain.

He explained, “Putting together a shower curtain so we can shower and not flood the place.”

It’s easy to see that that the lodgings are less luxury and more Spartan. Nonetheless, Bogut proceeded to call their accommodations as “penthouse villas in downtown Rio.”

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Truth is, problems in lodging bothered the Australian teams. Other teams also admitted to having a number of issues. According to a report from Mail Online, the China team said they are currently forced to used unfinished bathrooms in the village. One of which has a hole in the ceiling. At the same time, they also had to deal with beds with screws that were about to come off.

While athletes are struggling with lodgings, a recent report from The Australian revealed that Olympic water sport venues are contaminated with bacteria, sewage and garbage. In a nearby rowing venue, a manager said that environmental reports were now being issued every 48 hours. Four members from the Australian women’s water polo team have already been placed on quarantine for gastroenteritis.

The reason for the unsanitary and unfinished conditions surrounding the Olympic village lodging and surroundings may be rooted in the corruption issues plaguing the site. In fact, a report from Reuters revealed that Brazilian investigators have been looking into possible corruption involved during the staging of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. The said investigation included the Olympic Park as well as several Olympic venues in the Deodoro area.

Five constructions firms were involved in developing the infrastructure and venues needed to support the Olympics. In total, their contract were worth as much as $10.8 billion. Meanwhile, the investigative team tried to figure out what happened to the funds intended for cleaning of Guanabara Bay where several Olympic sailing events are set to take place. The investigator would not say if they found evidence of corruption.

In the meantime, Bogut said some “fine tuned athletes” are capable of sleeping standing up.

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