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Dakota Pipeline Protest: Ace Hardware Banning Protesters – Facts To Know

Dakota Pipeline Protest: Ace Hardware Banning Protesters – Facts To Know
Protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline Fibonacci Blue / Flickr cc


Dakota Pipeline Protest: Ace Hardware Banning Protesters – Facts To Know

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

Ace Hardware was refuting to sell propane to Dakota pipeline protesters. The question is whether the hardware store was banning these protesters.

Dakota Pipeline Protest: Ace Hardware Bans Protesters?

Ace Hardware was not supplying protesters with heating materials. Furthermore, the store was refusing to sell things that could be used at the water protester’s camps.

For instance, Ace Hardware made an official statement saying that stores near the pipeline protests must not sell materials that could be used at camps. In addition, the statement asked not to sell these items under legal terms.

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The official statement was exposed by Twitter users, said US Uncut. It said, “Ace’s number one priority is to protect the safety of its employees, customer and communities each store serves.”

“Ace’s compliance is not a reflection of corporate viewpoint on the pipeline project.”

Meanwhile, a video was also shot by activist Kevin Gilbertt. It showed how a customer representative was voicing the same statement.

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Facebook posts on Ace Hardware’s wall were also made. A person wrote that if the store would not sell items to the protesters then he/she would stop buying things from the store.

However, the evidences pointing to this particular ban were mainly email screenshots and phone call recordings. These mostly involved one single customer representative named Camillia.

Dakota Pipeline Protest: Ban Is Unproven?

Accordingly, Ace Hardware released a statement on December 1 2016. In the statement, the company denied any action of that sort.

Rather, the statement said that they had been informed of the concerns over the product sales related to the pipeline protests. The company informed that they had been working hard to collect all possible data about this issue.

They said they could confirm that there was no ban on the sale of products at their local stores. They had also asked the customers to check with their local store for inventory availability.

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