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Dak Prescott Bio: Facts About Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

Dak Prescott Bio: Facts About Dallas Cowboys Quarterback
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Dak Prescott Bio: Facts About Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

Dak Prescott will soon become the most popular sportsman in Mississippi State history.

Among other traits, Prescott’s leadership skills, confidence, and competitiveness have transformed him into one of the most brilliant athletes of the century.

Although considered a non-factor at the start of the season, he is now the prime candidate for the Heisman Trophy, according to Yahoo News.

Some of his other accomplishments include being a two-time All-American and two-time All-SEC quarterback, and finding a place for himself in the top-20 in SEC history in rushing touchdowns (41) passing touchdowns (70), total touchdowns scored (44), completion percentage (62.8), completions (734), passing yards (9,376), and passing efficiency (146.1).

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The youngest of three sons, he was referred to as the “strongest bull” by his brother Tad Prescott. “Sure enough, (mom) got a bull,” Tad said. Weighing 235 pounds with 6.5 percent body fat, The Dispatch notes Prescott can squat nearly a quarter ton.

Despite the love and admiration he was received for his stellar performance on the field, he remains a mama’s boy. “My mom spoiled me a little bit because I was youngest,” Prescott said. “With a little bit of whining, I could get something – but not for nothing. Usually as a pat on the back for hard work.”

“[My mother] the reason I am the way I am, the reason I live. I write MOM on something every day at practice. It’s Mind Over Matter, and it’s also mom,” he said, as reported by HailStateBEAT. “It’s something we talked about every day.”

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Prescott’s career stats include owning as many as 38 school records, which include 15 career, 15 single season and 8 single game, notes. He was awarded the 2016 Senior Bowl Most Outstanding Player, 2015 Senior Class Award Winner, 2015 Manning Award Finalist, 2015 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award Finalist, and 2015 Conerly Trophy Winner (Best Player in Mississippi).

“The thing I really like about [Dak] Prescott is that there is something more to him. He believes in this program and believes in these guys. He wants to lead them,” Tim Tebow said. “There is a confidence that you have to have as a quarterback and your team has to know you have that confidence.  If they see that they will have that confidence. A lot of people call it swag, or the ‘it’ factor or whatever. From what I have seen from [Dak] Prescott he has that. His story is a story we should share more in sports.”

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