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Dailymotion is selling its 10% part to Microsoft

Dailymotion is selling its 10% part to Microsoft


Dailymotion is selling its 10% part to Microsoft

The huge Microsoft Corporation is in notion to acquire a part from the most famous Orange SA’s video sharing website, Dailymotion. This is a French website holding fame among users. Last time, the news evolved was about the sale of Dailymotion to Yahoo. The partnership took many rounds of insight conferences and negotiations but finally got refused by the Yahoo industry minister, Arnaud Montebourg. According to some news the French government showed less promptness, whatever the cause was, but deal did not set a shape and both groups backed to their homes.

Daily motion is a funding attracted website inviting different kind of advertisements, long spread music and videos. The CEO Stephane Richard, from the side of Dailymotion reported the French BFM TV channel that they are in partnership with Microsoft for a piece of Dailymotion.

The news revealed on Tuesday in Mobile World Congress. The French state has 27% shares in Dailymotion. French Orange has now decided to introduce its Dailymotion with worldwide fame and most specifically in U.S.  The deal begins last year when the CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer visited Paris. According to the Richard’s statement, talks with Microsoft are in continuation. However the current progress is still unknown. The deal is not finalized yet but both parties are hopeful towards the success of deal.

A senior deputy, Jeremie Dutray is assigned by Richard to handle and oversee the talks. According to many people reviews, the deal is close at hands. In case of deal succession Microsoft will be granted 10% part of Dailymotion. Microsoft is heading to compile the extracts of Dailymotion videos in its some products like the windows phone operating system.

The Daily Motion was founded in 2005 just when the YouTube was founded and currently it holds the second position in video viewing and uploading websites after the leader YouTube. The combat between YouTube and Dailymotion runs for ‘timing’ and ‘quality’. It can be elaborated as if someone wants to watch a video just after a few minutes of its public telecast he can find it immediately on YouTube. The video arrival on Dailymotion is not such fast but if someone wants to view a video with best quality then he has to wait until it gets uploaded on Dailymotion. The ComScore Inc (a digital analytic platform) has rated Dailymotion as the 11th highest ranked video supporting websites. Many partnerships are still in pipeline as Orange is taking keen interest to other expecting buyers like canal plus, Vivendi , SingTel and some others.

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