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This Dad’s Tattoo Will Make Anyone Tear Up

This Dad’s Tattoo Will Make Anyone Tear Up
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This Dad’s Tattoo Will Make Anyone Tear Up

Josh Marshall had put a lot of effort to enhance his son’s self-esteem. The father got a tattoo that matches his son’s surgical scar after the removal of a brain tumor.

As a way to celebrate Father’s Day, Marshall participated in St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s #BestBaldDad competition. In this contest, submissions are taken from dads, uncles, and grandads who have shaved their head in honor of a child who has or had cancer.

Marshall submitted a photo of his son and himself, with both matching scars. According to the Huffington Post, Marshall won first place in a Father’s Day photo competition. The photograph has also gone viral.

“It just started as a friendly competition for Father’s Day and then it just blew up. It’s really weird,” Marshall said.

“But it’s raising awareness for childhood cancer, and that’s all that really matters.”

Gabriel, Marshall’s son, was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytomarare. It is a rare malignant brain tumor. Marshall told reporters that his son felt like a “monster” because of the scar on his head. The surgery Gabriel went through had removed most of his tumor.

Marshall said his son’s words broke his heart. And so he told him that if people wanted to gaze, they could stare at both of them.

While Marshall’s submission was selected as the winner, the image of his tattoo next to his son’s scar was picked up by multiple news outlets. The image has garnered international recognition.

The response was so overwhelming, Marshall could not believe it, said WHIO.

According to him, he had never intended for this thing to be this big. He stated that the competition was a friendly contest among “fellow cancer dads” and others involved in supporting loved ones who battle cancer.

On a Facebook post made by Gabriel’s mom, ‎Bethany Shultz, she wrote that the scar made her son feel “self conscious.” For certain, the tattoo has helped little Gabriel.

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