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Dad Sits In With Son In Class After Several Teacher Complaints

Dad Sits In With Son In Class After Several Teacher Complaints
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Dad Sits In With Son In Class After Several Teacher Complaints

When one father found out his son is receiving numerous complaints from his teacher in physics class, he knew he had to do something about it. That’s why he decided to come to class himself.

Teenager Bradley ‘Brad’ Howard has been getting into a bit of trouble in physics class lately. In fact, teachers say that the 17-year-old from Texas has been chatting too much while the class was still going on. In fact, it got to such as point that the teacher started emailing Brad’s father.

“I like to talk a lot, and so my teacher kept emailing my dad about it,” Brad told BuzzFeed News. Meanwhile, his father, who is also named Brad, said his son really “likes to be the life of the party.” Because of this, he adds that this “gets him in trouble from time to time.”

And so, when Brad Sr. got an email regarding his son’s chattiness in school, he decided he wasn’t going to let him off easy. In fact, he gave him a warning. “For some reason I said, ‘Hey, if we get another call I’m going to show up in school and sit beside you in class,'” Brad Sr. said.

Dad surprises on during physics class.

As luck would have it, Brad Jr. received a complaint again. Brad Sr. rarely gets days off at work but nonetheless, he used one to go to his son’s class. “We didn’t tell him anything,” Brad Sr. told NBC News. “I was in the classroom sitting beside his chair when he walked in. He didn’t see me at first. Then he was shocked.

Needless to say, Brad Jr. was not quite happy that Brad Sr. had decided to join him in class. However, it looks like everyone else did. “His classmates seemed to love it, but Bradley…not so much,” Brad Sr. said. It also looks like Brad Sr. had a good time in class. He even took a selfie just to prove that he had actually done it.

Meanwhile, Brad Jr.’s sister, Molli, did not pass up on the chance to humiliate her brother just a bit more. And so, she went to post the photo on Twitter. In the caption, she wrote, “My dad told my brother if he got another call from the physics teacher complaining he would go sit in his got another call.”

It is unclear if Brad Jr. plans to keep chatting while in the middle of physics class.

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