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Dad Drowns Baby In Pond: Photos Of Sean Flowers Jr, Who Killed Own Son

Dad Drowns Baby In Pond: Photos Of Sean Flowers Jr, Who Killed Own Son
Police Line / Police Tape Tony Webster/ Flickr cc


Dad Drowns Baby In Pond: Photos Of Sean Flowers Jr, Who Killed Own Son

A father has been accused of drowning his 3-month-old son, according to authorities in Milwaukee.

Sean A. Flowers Jr., 25, faces charges of homicide after he drowned his infant son. Flowers Jr. was arrested on Sunday and is being held without bail, according to Milwaukee County jail records.

Flowers Jr. walked into the pond with the child in his hand and sat down. The water level reached his chest. A witness said Flowers “didn’t try to hold the baby up” out of the water.

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Witness Robert Amstadt said there was an argument outside, and he heard a woman screaming “Give me back my baby.” Amstadt saw Flowers Jr. carrying the baby and walking along a path between the pond and the apartment building.

“It was a hornet’s nest of people moving around … crying and screaming,” Amstadt said, as reported by the Journal Sentinel.

Police chief Ed Flynn described the incident as “one of the most horrific things.”

Speaking with WISN, Flynn said, “This series of events that led up to that man drowning his child is just about one of the most horrific things I’ve certainly encountered in my police career.”

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Witness Joey Griffin said he saw the baby floating in the water and tried to revive him, but was unable to. “I yelled at him ‘where’s the baby? Where’s the baby?’ Griffin said, as reported by Fox6 News.

“Without thinking — I just ran into the water. I yelled at him ‘where’s the baby? Where’s the baby?’ And then I saw a baby floating in the water. I grabbed it. I tried to swim away with it. He lunged at me and took the baby again and swam further, deeper. We all lost. We all lost this one. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, sometimes you just lose. No matter how hard you try. You just wish you could’ve did more.”

This is not the first time Flowers Jr. has been charged. He was given a restraining order on April 2015; however, it is not clear whether the order was requested by the child’s mother or not.

In 2012, he faced misdemeanor theft charges to which he pleaded guilty. As part of his probation, he was ordered to stay away from Marquette University and have “no contact” with the child.

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