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Dad Crushes Son To Death While Playing (Video)

Dad Crushes Son To Death While Playing (Video)
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Dad Crushes Son To Death While Playing (Video)

A disturbing video showing a Chinese man who accidentally fell on his toddler son while playing around in a supermarket in Guangzhou, China is currently doing the rounds online.

The video, which was posted by the SET News, has been viewed more than 4 million times since it was uploaded on Facebook on October 12. In the video, the father is seen walking in front of the child.

Danger Awaits

While holding the both hands of the child, the child is playing the whole time, while his father is unaware of the impending danger. While holding onto his father’s hands, the father has lost his balance and suddenly starts to fall on the child.

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The father lands on the child hitting the boy’s neck. The father, who appeared shocked to the entire event, seeks help and brings the boy to the hospital. It can also be seen that a saleslady carried the boy and handed it over to the father.

Fatal Neck Injury

According to a report from the South China Morning Post, the boy is still taken to the nearest hospital but was later pronounced dead. A pediatrician who is not directly involved in the case told the SCMP the boy appeared to have suffered fatal injuries on his neck, which might cause his instantaneous death.

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“In the video, the man’s entire weight was on the upper body of the child, including the boy’s head and neck. The child might have suffered a cervical fracture,” a Guangzhou-based pediatrician said as quoted by the SCMP.

The video was shared on different in social media to warn parents to warn other parents when going out with their children in public places.

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