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Dad Accidentally Kills Son: Photos Of Stephen Brumby, William Brumby & Facts About The Loving Family

Dad Accidentally Kills Son: Photos Of Stephen Brumby, William Brumby & Facts About The Loving Family
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Dad Accidentally Kills Son: Photos Of Stephen Brumby, William Brumby & Facts About The Loving Family

It was a Sunday afternoon with the family that resulted in the death of a young man. William Brumby was spending time with his 14-year-old son when he accidentally shot him. Stephen Brumby later died as a result of his injuries.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, William is currently not facing charges for the death of his son. Video obtained inside the gun range showed that Stephen was shot as a result of an accidental discharge. However, the police investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

The incident occurred at about 3:15 p.m. at the High Noon Gun Range along Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota. William had gone to the range with Stephen as well as his 24-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter. He had posted himself in the last shooting lane where there was a solid wall at his right-hand side.

As he fired a round, a spent shell casing ended up striking the wall. It then deflected and fell into the back of Stephen shirt. Trying to help his son, William tried to use his right hand to remove the casing. However, he was doing so while holding his firearm in the same hand.

Police said the 64-year-old father then “inadvertently pointed the firearm directly behind him (Stephen) and accidentally fired.” Following the shooting, Stephen was rushed to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

According to a GoFundMe page set up to help pay for Stephen’s memorial expenses, the 14-year-old is the fourth of seven children. The family said he was “a meteor that couldn’t be contained.” Even at a young age, he already had various interests and hobbies including archery, knife throwing, fishing and tennis.

Based on a number of videos posted by his mother Elizabeth, Stephen also happened to be very talented when it came to music, playing a variety of instruments effortlessly. The Brumby family said that they take comfort in the knowledge that Stephen is now “communing with the heroes of his faith and rejoicing in paradise.

From William’s Facebook page, one can clearly see how much he adores his huge family. He also loved hanging out with his children. Back in 2014, he posted a message saying, “Went to see Captain America II with my three oldest kiddos. Lots of fun.”

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Clayton Brumby Facebook

Stephen Brumby, Courtesy of GoFundMe Page

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