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For Da Mao The Panda, Nothing Is Better Than Snow

Panda George Lu / Flickr CC BY 2.0

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For Da Mao The Panda, Nothing Is Better Than Snow

This panda playing around in the snow and having a delightful experience is the cutest thing you need to see.

The Toronto storm may have been massively inconvenient for some people, but certainly not for Panda Da Mao. In a video recorded by the Toronto Zoo’s security camera, Da Mao, the zoo’s adult panda, can be seen tumbling around the snow, somersaulting down a slope and having the time of his life.

Look how happy Panda Da Mao is playing in the snow!

He appears to be over the moon watching his habitat covered in a thick layer of snow. In the video, he can be seen rolling, sliding and playfully moving about a hill. In one instance, he covers his face and lets himself tumble across, relishing every bit of it.

Da Mao will remain a resident of the Toronto Zoo until 2018. Subsequently, he will be shifted to the Calgary Zoo.

Panda Da Mao loves snow!

The animal has been witnessed playing around the snow often in the winter weather.

As noted by the Daily Mail, he was brought from China with another panda named Er Shun in 2013. Scientists said the pair had a good genetic match for breeding.

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