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Cyrcle Phone: The World’s Sensual Circular Device For Women

Cyrcle Phone: The World’s Sensual Circular Device For Women
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Cyrcle Phone: The World’s Sensual Circular Device For Women

A Washington start up is trying to bring to life phones that are unique and different from the usual “rectangle” look/shape that most if not all handsets have. The phone it is trying to drag into the spotlight, according to the company, will be opposite rectangle and will be more natural and sensual – the Cyrcle Phone.

The circular smartphone, according to Telegraph, is aimed at women who have pockets that more often than not can’t accommodate large phablets. It is also aimed at those who are already tired of the rectangular phones that currently are the reigning shape of today’s handsets. The flip device which is brightly colored (bright orange and yellow to be exact!) resembles a woman’s compact mirror.

Cyrcle Phone was unveiled during the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month by start up company, Dtoor. It should be noted that its founders are ex-Microsoft employees Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa.

The Cyrcle prototype has a 3D printed casing with its inner components built out of a Seeed RePhone Kit. The design is a bit similar to the Monohm Runcible phone that was unveiled at last year’s MWC.

However the Dtoor phone is intended to be a fraction of the projected $600 USD price of the Runcible which, as of now, is yet to go into sale. CNET reports that apparently, the Washington firm is planning to make its first generation of the Cyrcle phone, which would be a 2G model, to be available via Kickstarter by August for $100 USD per unit.

The 4G model of the said phone is planned to be released by August 2017. Dtoor’s plan here is to create a model with dual edge screens that will come with the Android software. The Cyrcle device, aside from being small enough to carry on pockets can also be clipped or dangled on the user as a wearable if preferred.

As for now a lot of eyebrows have been raised by the circular device, some might be making fun of it and has questions of whether it would really make the cut. But who are we really to judge? For now let’s wait for the phone’s other features to be announced, see the phone come into production, be sold and see if people will take the bait and buy it. What do you think? Will circular phones be feasible this year?

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