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Starbucks Menu: Kale Chips, Healthy Snacks Join The Products

Starbucks Menu: Kale Chips, Healthy Snacks Join The Products
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Starbucks Menu: Kale Chips, Healthy Snacks Join The Products

This new year, Starbucks customers are asking for healthier choices. And so, the famous coffee company is bringing in the kale.

Last new year, Starbucks uwas able to determine that customers were asking for healthier choices to buy from their coffee shops. Alas, the Starbucks menu welcomes a new member: kale.

Starbucks wants everyone to know that it listens to everything customers tell them. And more than that, it takes customer feedback very seriously. This is why when customers started asking for snacks and smoothies made with lots of fruits and vegetables, Starbucks did not hesitate to put them in their daily offerings.

For Starbucks Director of Retail Brand Partnerships Deb Hannah, having healthier snacks on the Starbucks menu is exciting. “We all love the opportunity to try something new and unique,” she said. In fact, when it came to serving healthier snacks, Starbucks took the opportunity to give healthier munchies a bit of a culinary twist.

For starters, the Rhythm Super Food Kale Chips now being offered are available in two flavors: Zesty Nacho and Kool Ranch. What’s more, these chips also come with sunflower seeds. Meanwhile, Starbucks now offers a selection of gluten-free Kosher pretzel. You can try them in Tomato Basil, Chipotle BBQ and Garlic Herb flavors. And if you want something a little sweet, how about some Rip Van Dutch Waffles? They are Kosher snacks baked without preservatives or artificial flavors. Enjoy them in Honey & Oats or Dark Chocolate Sea Salt.

Meanwhile, Starbucks has been serving Evolution Fresh Smoothies in select locations since spring 2015. Now, it serves smoothies in a venti cup, which can provide customers with 35 percent their daily value of fruits and vegetables.

At Starbucks, healthy is also tasty.

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