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Customer Gives Waitress $500 To Be Able To Buy A Hearing Aids

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Customer Gives Waitress $500 To Be Able To Buy A Hearing Aids

One waitress finally has enough money to buy a new set of hearing aids, thanks to a customer who just gave her $500.

Watiress Keri Marie Carlson has been having a hard time hearing things for quite some time now. One of her hearing aids had broken down and she had only been relying on one lately. Carlson makes a living by waiting tables at GW Carson’s Restaurant in Branford, Connecticut. She loves her job, but having only one functioning hearing hide does make it more challenging for her to serve diners.

In fact, she was waiting on a customer one day when he noticed she couldn’t hear too well. “We got into talking about not being able to hear. However, I kept asking him to repeat himself a lot,” Carlson told Inside Edition. And instead of getting agitated with her, the customer proceeded to find out what would make her situation better. “He asked me if two aids would help and I told him I normally wear two, I just broke one not too long ago.”

And so, Carlson thought that would be her last encounter with the concerned customer. it was time for her to go on her lunch break she had passed on her table to another server. As she settled down to eat her lunch, however, Carlson got the surprise of her life.

Customer headed to the back to give Carlson $500.

“As I am stuffing my face with food, [the customer] comes in the back and says, ‘I want you to have something.’ I look at him all puzzled, ” Carlson said as she recalled the moment.

The next thing she knew, the customer was handing her $500 cash. According to Carlson, the customer said, “I am not taking no for answer, I want you to have this… Here is $500 to help you out with whatever you need.”

After receiving the cash, Carlson was left speechless and overwhelmed. ” My breathing and heart rate increased, tears came pouring out of my eyes and I cried in that man’s arms. I was, and still am, in shock that it even happened.”

Carlson’s hearing problems started when she was just a kid. A car accident when she four years old damaged her hearing for good. Three years after the accident, Carlson started wearing hearing aids.

Today, Carlson is grateful for the customer who just made it possible for her to get a new set of hearing aids. “Thank you so much from my humble heart for this amazing gift,” she said in a special message for him. Carlson may know his identity but the generous customer insists on remaining anonymous to everyone else.

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