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Current Mortgage Rates on Thursday, 24th July by TD Bank

Current Mortgage Rates on Thursday, 24th July by TD Bank


Current Mortgage Rates on Thursday, 24th July by TD Bank

Current Mortgage Rates on Thursday, 24th July by TD BankIn an effort to capture US banking market, TD bank is now partnering with Bill Clinton to convince US market in favor of Canada’s second largest bank. According to the Washington Post, in a bid to use former president for their advantage, the bank paid Mr. Clinton a sum of $1.8 million for his 10 speeches in last few years. According to financial experts, TD bank is putting an effort to link its brand with America’s symbol of prosperity and charisma to find a way to penetrate into fiercely competitive market.

Latest rates published by Toronto Dominion (TD) bank for their most popular 30 Year fixed rate mortgage loan are 4.250% and an APR of 4.367%. Interest rate for their 30 Year FHA Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan moved to 3.875% along with a higher APR yield of 5.030%. Most popular loan category for people interested in paying less interest rate, 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan also gets it rates to 3.500% interest rate and an APR of 3.702%.

For their 10 Year ARM Loan, the bank published an interest rate of 3.625% with an APR of 3.396%. Similarly, for their 7/1 ARM Loan, the latest interest rate is 3.375% that carries an APR of 3.147%. The bank also issued new interest rate for 5/1 ARM Loans that stands at 3.250% with an Annual Payment Rate of 3.031. For their last and shortest loan product, the bank offers an interest rate of 2.750% along with an APR of 2.857% on 3 Year ARM Mortgage Loan.

Refinance Mortgage Loans

Latest mortgage rates under their refinance category are shared below for their 30 and 15 Year Fixed rate products.

Fixed Rate (Refinance) Mortgage Loans: TD Bank 24th July
30 Year Fixed Rate           4.312% Interest Rate      4.431% APR
15 Year Fixed Rate           3.562% Interest Rate      3.767% APR

For the Adjustable Mortgage Rates, TD Bank offered 3.312 interest rate with an annual APR of 3.054% on 5/1 ARM. For 7/1 ARM Loans, the bank currently offers an interest rate of 3.438% and a starting APR of 3.178%.

Disclaimer: The advertised rates were submitted by each individual lender/broker on the date indicated. Rate/APR terms offered by advertisers may differ from those listed above based on the creditworthiness of the borrower and other differences between an individual loan and the loan criteria used for the quotes.

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