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‘CSI’ Fan Helped Police Solve Seville Park Rape-Slay Case

‘CSI’ Fan Helped Police Solve Seville Park Rape-Slay Case
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‘CSI’ Fan Helped Police Solve Seville Park Rape-Slay Case

Watching television shows could influence a person’s life with both positive and negative lessons. One “CSI” fanatic of crime television show just proved that watching the show could be very helpful, most especially, in solving a real-life heinous crime.

Carmen Moreno, a park keeper who has been sweeping leaves and collecting garbage for 28 years in the Maria Luisa park in Seville, Spain helped solved a crime by putting into action what she had learned from an american TV show. She has been a fanatic of CSI series and when she found the vital piece of evidence that the police had missed out on the crime scene, she carefully bagged the evidence.

According to The Guardian, she was cleaning up the mess that the authorities had left after a woman’s body was found in the park when she noticed some bloodsoaked tissues at the scene. She then followed the procedures that she saw on CSI and bagged the tissues separately so it would not be contaminated.

“Behind the bench where she was found there was a pile of bloody tissues and panty liners,” she said. “Normally I carry gloves but I didn’t have any with me. As I’m a big fan of CSI I used a bag to pick them up so as not to contaminate them and I put them in another, small white bag which I tied with a knot.” she explained and added that she then put it on a larger bag. She was also surprised that the authorities had not picked the tissues as it were all soaked in blood.

The police were called in the park on February 23 when a dead 31-year-old woman’s body was discovered which they called was suicide so there was no crime investigation carried out. The woman alleged to be depressed swallowed a number of tranquilizers. However, forensic test showed that she did not die from overdose. Apparently, a man approached her and brutally raped her because she died of internal injuries.

In a report by Mirror, the blood found on the evidence discovered by Moreno proved to be the key to track the woman’s attacker and solve her murder. The DNA found matched that of a 46-year- old man who already have a crime record. The prosecutors in the case said that it would be difficult to solve the case without the evidence found by Moreno.

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